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WVTC Is Vermont Technical College's student run radio station. We broadcast with an effective power of 300 watts from the top of Morey Hall.

WVTC's Mission

As part of WVTC's mission we provide for interested students the ablilty to learn about radio broadcasting, DJing, and radio production. In doing so we do our best to represent VTC in good taste to all audiences. We also serve the community and campus as a place to provide educational and entertaining programming. And of course, play music.

Joining WVTC

To join WVTC you have to be a student, staff or faculty of VTC. If you are one of these please come to one of our meetings! If you don't know when the next meeting is, talk to Patrick [pschlott (at)] and he will let you know. Keep an eye on the website for meeting announcments as well.

Support WVTC

As a campus club we are always looking for donations. Contact Steve [swichmann (at)] for details on how to do this.